Who is the Best? Bohr Flask Pod Kit VS Lost Vape Orion Q AIO Kit

Bohr Flask Pod Kit & Lost Vape Orion Q AIO kit are most popular intelligent vape kit. Why do them are popular with most of vapers?  And who is the best? Let us see some details of them.
Bohr SAGA chip VS Lost Vape DNA GO chip
In Bohr Flask Pod and Lost Vape Orion Q, they are adopting their unique chipset to ensure intelligent features. Compare with Lost Vape Orion DNA Go, the Orion Q utilizes the new chipset that feature many preset configurations, but no longer allows for customization or a memory setting. Bohr Flask Pod utilizes intelligent SAGA chip which origin from smart phone industry. It will ensure stable performance and great taste.
[Image: 46a72168-a28b-4dc8-975d-65f15f3a810e.jpg]
[Image: e499af86-f271-41bb-a6d1-582e572e43e3.jpg]

Bohr Flask Pod 1150mAh VS Lost Vape Orion Q 950mAh
Bohr Flask Pod and Lost Vape Orion Q are powered by built-in battery. Lost Vape Orion Q features 950mAh built-in battery, Bohr Flask Pod features 1150mAh built-in battery. Bohr Flask Pod has longer battery life and supports more puffs than Orion Q.
[Image: c17cbc3a-81fe-4f83-8383-91528281d2bd.jpg]
Bohr Flask Pod 20W Max Output VS Lost Vape Orion Q 17W Max Output
Bohr Flask Pod can be fired up to 20W max output. When you install the pod cartridge and turn on the device, the Bohr Flask Pod will set a recommend wattage  according its coil head type. High wattage will bring intense flavor and bigger vapor clouds.
[Image: 5a78d3e6-ad29-4731-92df-bb1d01fd2525.jpg]
[Image: ba68af5e-680f-423a-8e9c-f5df9dbb7436.jpg]
Bohr Flask Pod Coil VS Lost Vape Orion Q Coil
The Orion Q takes 2.0ml pods that are fitted with a 1.0 ohm KTR coil, which is compatible with both salt based nicotine ejuice as well as standard eliquid. Bohr Flask Pod has 2.0ml e-juice capacity and compatible with two types of coil that allow MTL and DL vaping.

Bohr Flask Pod brings you more powerful battery capacity and more choices of coil head. Which one is your favorite? Tell me your choose and reasons in the comment.