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So here we are! A new pod system kit we can talk about today! Think Vape Orbit Pod Kit!
Personally, I’d like to introduce more about pod system kits due to its compact size. And that is the reason why I choose it! Even though some vape fans don’t prefer this kind devices in some  areas of western countries, we have to admit that pod system kits is obviously the mainstream of the vape market!
OK, let’s go back to the topic now and have a detailed look at the main role!
[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-8.png]


  • Size: 91 x 32x 18mm
  • Battery: Built-in 1000mAh battery
  • Juice Capacity: 3ml
  • Coil Resistance: 0.6ohm mesh coil / 1.2ohm regular coil
  • Output Voltage: 3.5V constant voltage
  • Charging: USB port

Package Included:

  • Think Vape Orbit Kit
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Gift Box Packaging

The Battery Mod

[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-12.png]

The appearance design of this Think Vape Orbit Pod Kit is quite exquisite! Without any doubt, the quality of appearance design effects directly customer’s desire to purchase! On the other hand, manufacturers start to make many efforts on appearance producing procedures for a better look! As usual, customers always get benefit from that!
Honestly, the appearance design of this kit reminds me of OBS Cube X Kit which also comes with colorful panels. Frankly, I just found them somewhat similar in colors matching! Even though Cube X is a box mod kit!
You can also find this is a button-activated pod system kit. That maybe a little bit inconvenient by comparing to air-activated vape devices. Well, someone maybe like this design, especially when they get used to using button! And the output voltage is constant 3.5v. That’s enough for daily use even if the voltage is unadjustable!
And the internal battery is 1000 milliampere hour with Micro USB charging.  The charging port is located on the bottom of the device. That’s pretty enough for you to use all day!

[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-3.png]

The battery indicator is also equipped to remind you the  battery level!
The Pod Cartridge

[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-4.png]

The pod cartridge comes with 3 milliliter juice capacity. The transparent appearance makes it easy to see the level of juice inside!
And the flat drip tip also comes with ergonomic design to fit the lips type of most users. And that has become the common design on the vape market already!
The refilling hole is located on the bottom of the pod cartridge which is plugged by an orange silicone plug.
Someone might say that placing the refilling hole on the left/right side is a better way to prevent leaking problem. But you guys forget you always put the device flat on the table. No matter where the refilling hole is, leaking problem always exists! And actually, leakage always comes from coil replacing position!
The Coil

[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-14.png]

[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-11.png]

There’re two replacement coils included in the package! 0.6ohm mesh coil and 0.2ohm regular coil.

It seems like this kinda coil combination is the standard configuration of pod system kit.  One coil is for MTL vaping and another one is for DL vaping. Customers are different and they all have their own styles. So it’s better to pack two different coils together to meet different needs of different users. But you can find that some brands still pack similar resistance replacement coils in one package!  In my views, that’s just for replacement! No further considerations![img=800×0][/img][img=800×0][/img]
The Verdict

So it’s the time to talk about the vaping experience on this Think Vape Orbit Pod Kit!

[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-5.png]

The cons are hard to find. But that doesn’t mean this kit is perfect. I just think it’s good enough as a pod system kit from my perspectives! Still, I want to talk about something! The fast charging function is what I like the best. No matter in vape devices or in cellphones. I just think it really improves the efficiency. Even if the battery capacity is 1000 milliampere hours, I still want they apply the fast charging function to this kit.[img=800×0][/img]
The pros are worth talking in detail. First of all, the appearance design is really attractive. There’re 6 color options you can choose from. And in my views, the rainbow color and black color are both gorgeous.
Moreover, the vaping experience. 1.2ohm regular coil is for MTL vaping. In my views, it’s not restricted enough. Maybe 1.5ohm or 1.6ohm is better for that. But it’s still good. I’m not an MTL chaser, I just think it performs well  in some way. In addition, the 0.6ohm mesh coil. I’m picky about the juice flavor. As long as the flavor is not bad, I’d like to try for a couple of times again. Thumbs up for this!
The Gallery

[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-17.png]

[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-15-1.png]

[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-16.png]
[Image: think-vape-orbit-pod-kit-13.png]

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