The New ET AUTO KIT By Vaptio

The New ET AUTO KIT By  Vaptio has a cool ET head like design and is able to create pure stable flavors to prevent dry hits. This features a magnetic pull of the pod base  which ensures the pod is snugly connecting to the mod to avoid malfunction. The ET AUTO frees you from any confusing buttons making vaping as simple as breathing — just to inhale, and exhale. Its quick charger doubles charging efficiency, taking even less time than before. Innovative LED Tail lights flash to indicate the power level, as your escort in the vaping journey. 

[Image: ET_AUTO_1_.jpg]

Cool ET-Head Design
Patented Ceramic Atomizer (Cotton-Free Tech)
Quick Charge System
Magnetic Insert Part
Simplicity Without Any Buttons
Innovative LED Tail Light

[Image: ET_AUTO_2_.jpg]

Packing List
1 * ET AUTO Tank
 Micro USB Cable
1 * User Manual

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