How to Get and Use Reward Points for Discount In Ave40?

In Ave40 store, we set up the reward points function for customers to appreciate their support. And these reward points can be used to offset some cash at the time of payment. Now let me introduce how to get and use the reward points.

How to get reward points?

[Image: pd-01.jpg] [Image: pd-02-new.jpg][Image: pd-03.jpg]

[Image: pd-04-new.jpg] [Image: pd-05-new.jpg][Image: pd-06.jpg]

Attention Here: 
New registered customers can use reward points directly when making payments.

How to use Reward Points?

First, you need to create an account on Ave40. Reward points will be added to your account according to your action.

Reward Points can offset on your purchase on Ave40 online.

Point/Currency Exchange Rate: 100 Points = $1.00USD

Attention Here: 
Regard points used should not be over 1% of your order amount.

If you still have any questions on Ave40 Reward Points Policy, feel free to contact us via email:

Click here to get your points now:

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