Freemax Autopod50 – REAL BUCK/BOOST Wattage Output

As one world’s first double mesh coil pod mod kit, Freemax Autopod50 brings users the best vaping experience with amazing flavor. Today I want to say one highlight feature of Autopod50 worthy of buying one. Freemax Autopod50 Pod Mod Kit utilizes REAL BUCK/BOOST wattage output, which makes Autopod50 different from the other pod mod kits in the vape market.

[Image: QrfA1IP.jpg]

Nowadays, many pod mod kits are using Buck Chopper to adjust the wattage, the maximum output is totally depending on the power of the battery. If the voltage of the battery is only 3.7v, there is no way to boost the voltage to 4.2v, or 40w for wattage. However, Autopod50 utilizes Buck/Boost DC/DC Chopper, the device supports either buck or boost the wattage so the output is exactly the same as the screen shows. You can vape at real 50W with only 25% of the battery power left.

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